Agency provides discount card to county

A county agency’s partnership should be able to help area residents save money when purchasing their prescriptions.

The United Way of Auglaize is teaming up with FamilyWize Community Service Partnership, which is a nation-wide service that provides a free prescription drug discount card to help make prescriptions more affordable.

“One of the biggest problems in Auglaize County is people struggling with access to health care,” United Way of Auglaize County Executive Director Randy Fisher said. “Anyone can qualify for this this, and it is accepted at basically every pharmacy in Wapakoneta.”

FamilyWize’s goal is to reduce the cost of prescription medicine for individuals and families by $1 billion by the end of 2015, as they believe that stronger, healthier and happier people make healthier and better communities, according to a statement on their website

This free service is offered to help those without insurance or those whose insurance does not cover their prescription medications.

The discounts and savings on medications are provided voluntarily by the more than 61,000 participating pharmacies that have agreed to provide prices similar to what they give large insurance companies and employers, according to

Anyone is eligible for this program. There are no forms to fill out, and the card is like a reusable prescription coupon on all FDA approved medication.

People with insurance can use this card even if they have health insurance, both during deductible periods and for anything their insurance does not pay for.

The average savings when using this card if approximately 35 percent, or $17 per prescription.

The United Way and FamilyWize have been partnering together since 2007 and have been helping people save money on their prescriptions for the past six years.

“We are happy to do what we can to keep Auglaize County healthy,” Fisher said.