After 40 years, it’s still about the little things

The smile and look of accomplishment on a child’s face is something of beauty anyone can appreciate.

For Dance Centre instructor Pam Houston after a 40-year career in the field of dance the small things continue to be what mean the most to her.

“I love the fact that when you see a student come in, they’re struggling to learn a step or they’re struggling to learn the splits and they’re so far from it, and then in a few weeks they are like look at me I almost got it, and then they get the step or what they’re trying to achieve, and the look on their face, they are so proud, they are so confident,” Houston said. “I love to see that. It’s kind of the small things that mean a lot in this business.”

Looking back, the beginning for Houston is when she was about 3-years-old living in Lima with a dance studio not too far from her home. On different occasions there would be parades and the dance studio would participate.

“I would see them, so my parents tell me that I would be out there on the sidewalk marching around to the parade and trying to do the dances,” Houston said.

From there it evolved into years of dance lessons and then assisting her instructor for many years, and once Houston graduated from Elida High School she decided to open her own studio in 1974 on Main Street in Lima. After five years, Houston’s husband bought a plumbing and heating business in Wapakoneta.

“1979 is when we made the move to Wapak, and then I had taught in my home, in the basement of my home for about 10 years,” Houston said. “Then moved downtown to two buildings downtown and had my studio there, so total, I’ve had my own studio for 29 years.”

For the full story, see the Friday, May 30 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.