AASM to bring in exhibits

Staff at a local museum are working on new exhibits — which will help update what has happened in space and aviation history since the last renovation of the building.

The Armstrong Air & Space Museum is undergoing changes for the upcoming year, and will be incorporating a new type of exhibit, a museum executive says.

“We are working on two new exhibits that highlight things since the museum was last renovated,” Armstrong Air & Space Museum Director Chris Burton said.

Museum staff are in the process of installing a temporary exhibit at the museum, and this is where different kinds of exhibits can be changed in and out at the museum.

The exhibits will be on display for a limited amount of time and will be switched out when it is time to put a new exhibit up.

This works out well and allows the museum the opportunity to rent exhibits from other places for short periods of time, Burton said.

For a period of time, the museum can focus on a certain area of space and aviation, and this can be easily switched out for another exhibit when they focus on another area of learning.

The last renovation of the museum was approximately 13 years ago, and this new exhibit will highlight some of the events that had happened in those years.

“There are many things that have happened over the last 13 years,” Burton said.

This exhibit will be placed in the Modern Space Gallery of the museum.

In addition, the museum has a new touch screen computer program called “The Moon.” The Moon, is similar to Google Earth, but it locates places on the moon instead of the Earth. It also shows a detailed display of the moon, like it does in the Google Earth program.

Burton said that while looking at this program, viewers will be able to see artifacts, crashed probes and satellites.

“The Moon” program is currently on display at the museum. The temporary exhibit is in the works and will be up later this year.