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What do you do well?


• A marketing specialist at The Evening Leader and Wapakoneta
Daily News will talk to our customers. A lot. You’ll get to know
them, determine what they need to succeed and then deliver a
program that puts them in touch with their customer base.

• JUGGLING — we have a lot of things on our plate at any given
time and you’ve got to be able to determine which is best for
your clients.

• You’ll get a great understanding of what newspapers can offer
— in print and digitally, along with different niche products
— to be able to present ideas and options that will lead to
customer success.
• You’ll work both as a team and independently to manage your
customer base, to bring new ideas to the table, massage
traditional ideas to fit today’s market needs and earn a
reputation as a representative of a business that wants our
partners to succeed.

• WATCHING THE CLOCK — we’re deadline based — every
day — and you’ve got to be able to hit those deadlines in order
to keep the entire business on track. You have to have mad
time management skills from day one.
• ADULTING — you’re the manager of your established client
list and you’re going to be working independently a lot of the
time. You need to be able to get the job done without someone
watching over your shoulder. The team is always available to
help, advise, and commiserate, but at the end of the day you’re
“the guy” who gets it done.

These are uncertain times, but if you are who we’re describing we’re certain we want to speak to you. Call our advertising manager,
Robert Luckey @ 419-300-1076 or reach out at to get the ball rolling today.