Waynesfield board talk continues

WAYNESFIELD — For the second straight meeting, a lengthy discussion ensued regarding the benefits of keeping Waynesfield Village Administrator Fred Rowe versus bringing back a three-person board of public affairs.

At a regular village council meeting Monday night, Waynesfield resident Barb Earle asked each council member if ridding the village of an administrator was something that was under serious consideration.

The issue has not been brought to a vote, although several council members offered their opinions on the matter that seemed to suggest how they would vote if a motion was declared.

“I am adamantly opposed to a board of public affairs and in favor of a village administrator,” Councilman Rich Libby said. “I can tell you for sure that if you talk to entities upstream from us, they view a board of public affairs as a step backwards.
“It’s antiquated — it’s akin to hitching a horse up to a post out front.”

Councilwoman Vickie Zimmerman agreed with Libby, saying that Rowe helped her with anything she needed when she has done work on her house in the past. She said the administrator position works well and the village is moving in the right direction.

Initially, Councilman Bill Motter did not want to state his position on the matter, but relented when pressed by Earle to give his opinion.

“My position is that when we had a board, things got done,” Motter said. “If we have three people — and according to you (Earle) there aren’t three people smart enough in this town to be on the board -- we have three different opinions to go on. We can get things done.”

For the full story, see the Tuesday, April 29 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.