Volunteers’ work is ‘priceless’ to Mercy Unlimited

In honor of National Volunteer Week, leaders of a local organization showed their appreciation to all their volunteers — and awarded their first-ever “Volunteer of the Year” award.

Mercy Unlimited officials held a luncheon Thursday at R.J. Coffey Cup in Wapakoneta to recognize the numerous volunteers who have showed their dedication and support to the organization.

Mercy Unlimited Volunteer Services Coordinator Charlene Smith and Executive Director Tammy Brown recognized a volunteer who logged the most total hours in 2011.

Amanda Jarrells earned “Volunteer of the Year” with Mercy Unlimited. She donated 415 volunteer hours in  2011 to the organization.

“She has been with us through the whole year of 2011,” Smith said. “She has a smiling face and is a wonderful person.”

Jarrells volunteers at the food pantry and thrift store, along with other Mercy Unlimited resources for the eastern portion of Auglaize County.

Smith said that Jarrells, along with all of the volunteers, are always there whenever Mercy Unlimited needs them.

Three other volunteers were also recognized at the luncheon, and they are Susie Johns, who had 377 volunteer hours for 2011, Barb Fuller, who had 278 volunteer hours and Norm Hawkins, who had 135 volunteer hours.

“Our volunteers do a big assortment of work,” Smith said. “They are wonderful people with open and giving hearts and helping hands.”

Smith described the volunteers as Mercy Unlimited’s angels.

“You are there when we need you,” Smith said at the appreciation luncheon.

Smith and Brown are appreciative of all 25 volunteers who help out at Mercy Unlimited. An anonymous monetary donation was given to Mercy Unlimited to sponsor the appreciation luncheon for the volunteers.

“I know we could not survive without you,” Brown said to the volunteers at the luncheon on Thursday. “I want to say thank you.”

Mercy Unlimited serves approximately 15,277 clients each year.

Brown calculated a total of approximately $143,000, which is the amount of work and labor that the volunteers worked in 2011.

Brown calculates the labor costs that the volunteers, who do not get paid, save Mercy Unlimited each year.

This year volunteers saved the organization approximately $12,000 per month, and $143,798.21 for 2011.

“Your value to our ministry is priceless,” Brown said to the volunteers.