Tab donations help others

Two students at Wapakoneta Elementary School found out what it’s like to be principal and vice principal for a day.

First-grader Sam Mosler and fourth-grader Jillian Price were randomly selected to shadow Principal Mark Selvaggio and Vice Principal Carrie Knoch on Thursday as a reward for buying 25 cent tickets.

The students helped make the morning announcements, tried some new cafeteria food, helped create a powerpoint presentation, visited classrooms and even helped teach a class.

Mosler said the first thing he wanted to do was see the live feed of the security cameras that are placed throughout the hallways.

“There was a little activity near the upstairs bathroom,” Mosler said. “Luckily it was OK,” added Selvaggio.

Price said she couldn’t choose what part of being vice principal she liked most, although she seemed to really enjoy one particular thing she did.

“I called my brother down to the office and pretended like he was in trouble,” Price said.

The students also were given their own business cards that they could hand out around the school.

“I’m almost out,” Mosler said. “I might have to make more.”

The fundraiser is part of the school’s “Kid’s Helping Kids” initiative, where individual classrooms, as well as the entire school, come up with ways that students can raise money for the Ronald McDonald House in Dayton.

The Ronald McDonald House provides shelter and accommodations for families of sick children that must travel to a different city or state to get treated.

Another way students raise money is by collecting pop tabs throughout the school year. Toward the end of the year, the tabs are taken to a recycling center. The money they get back goes to the Ronald McDonald House.

Selvaggio said that since the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, the students have contributed more than a million tabs. The most they’ve ever collected in one year was 6 million.

Knoch said that last year the school raised $18,000, and in the last five years they’ve raised $80,000.