Student breaks school record, to become engineer after HS

A local student unexpectedly broke a school record for a sport that he has competed in since his freshman year of high school.
Wapakoneta High School senior Ryan Kremer broke the school’s record in the 200-meter individual medley this year during a swim meet — and said setting the record was one of his most memorable moments so far during his senior year.
“I wasn’t really expecting it,” Kremer said. “It was sweet because everyone was cheering for me at the meet.”
Kremer broke the record this season, at the beginning of December, in a swim meet against Marion Local and Bath.
“During the first meet of the season, I was close to breaking it,” Kremer said, “and I kept going and working on it.”
Kremer began the sport when he was a freshman.
“It seemed like something I wanted to do,” Kremer said of how he got started, “and I have the right body type for it.”
Kremer has had a successful high school career with the sport, as his team went to state last year, where he was a member of the relay team that competed against other Ohio schools.
Two other school records Kremer has his eye on breaking are the 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly.
Along with swimming, Kremer enjoys participating in track and field, where he competes in hurdle, high jump and relay events.
When asked which sport he favored, he said they both are very different compared to each other.
“Swimming is more fulfilling. You have to work for it,” Kremer said, “And track is a fun environment.”
While the athlete enjoys participating in both sports, he said he does not plan on continuing them in college, except for possibly playing club sports.
The 18-year-old plans to attend a four-year college, and is looking at the University of Cincinnati.
“I want to do engineering for sure,” Kremer said. “I like math and my dad is an engineer.”
The engineering program at the University of Cincinnati is a five-year-program.
Kremer said that math, chemistry and physics come easy to him.
When Kremer goes away to college next fall, he said that he will miss the people the most.
“I’ll miss all the people I’ve grown up with my whole life,” Kremer said.
He likes the familiarity of the area, and said he tends to know someone, no matter where he goes, so college will be a new environment for him.
But one thing that Kremer is excited for is to meet new people.
Other than sports, Kremer is a part of the Chess Club at the high school, which is a newly formed club at the school.
“I had one (a chess club) in third or fourth grade, and I was in that,” Kremer said, “and most of my friends were in that.”
Currently, the club practices every other Sunday, and soon they hope to be competing against other schools.
The newly formed club is under the leadership of Bill Sammons, who showed interest into leading the club.
“It’s fun to play chess and everyone has fun with it,” Kremer said.