Shops celebrate ‘dog days’

The Auglaize County Humane Society does a lot for homeless pets in the area and the time, money and work that goes into keeping these animals safe, happy and healthy before finding a forever home is important.

To help lend a helping hand to the humane society the Wapakoneta Antique and Specialty Shops, or WASS, is running a promotion throughout the month of August to take in donations from community members to help support the humane society.

Dubbed the "Dog Days of Summer," local WASS shops are looking for items to donate to the humane society.

As an incentive to donate, a brand new dog house will be given away to one lucky donor at the end of the month.

According to Casa Chic Co-owner Laura Clementz, WASS is always looking for a way to give back through different promotional campaigns each month.

"We're always looking for an event for a monthly event with WASS," Clementz said. "Something to peak the interest of the shoppers; so "Dog Days of Summer" just seemed to pop up and we said, 'let's do something for the humane society.'"

For the full story, see the Friday, Aug. 15 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.