Responsibilities change, but treasurer loves serving area

In her fifth year at Botkins Local Schools, the school district’s treasurer is learning the responsibilities of her position continually change.

Along with rules and regulations changing on a yearly basis, Jody Jones is seeing her responsibilities increasing even more as the district tackles a new building project.

The district recently passed a levy to build a new school with the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) program. and planning is currently underway as the project’s groundbreaking is scheduled for April.

Despite the extra work, Jones said she welcomes the extra load and is glad to take on the extra duties.

“As treasurer I process all the transactions concerning the new school,” Jones said. “Our general fund annually is around $5 million. This is a $24 million project, so it is more to do. But it is an exciting time for the school district, we were in need of new facilities.”

Jones, a 1987 graduate of Wapakoneta High School, and her husband, Mick, live in the rural area of the Botkins Local School District and they have two children, Olivia, 11, and Tanner, 8. They both attend Botkins Schools.

Jones, who graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1991, also is responsible for keeping the minutes for board meetings, handling accounts payable and receivable, preparing the five-year forecasts and budgets for the district, and handling grant money are just a few of the many responsibilities she takes on with the district.

“Sometimes it is a lot of stress,” Jones said. “There are always changes in funding and other rules and regulations. You have to stay up on it.”

She said she was fortunate to come on board just as an operating levy was approved by the district voters, which has helped to smooth over budget concerns for the district during a slow economy.

She said the district is showing signs of emerging from the economic downturn.

“I’ve noticed income tax revenues are going up,” Jones said, “and that is usually a good sign.”

She also said it is nice to see kids start school and grow up as the years go by.

“I work in the office so I don’t get to see it as much as some of the others do,” Jones said, “but it is nice watching the kids grow up and see them make progress. I enjoy being a part of that.”

She said she has had the opportunity to work with board members who have always been conservative with taxpayer money,

“The board is conservative and that helps me out tremendously,” Jones said. “We have a great administration and staff. It is truly  a great place to work.”