Park work waits on state permit

BOTKINS — The construction of Botkins Veterans Park has been halted after receiving a notice from state inspectors that the village is in need of a permit.

“We were approached last year on the same issue,” Village Administrator Jesse Kent said. “We received a response at that time that no permit was needed.”

Kent said all prints for the park have been sent to the state and after those are approved they will need to call for an inspection.

“Basically this will just be a footer building inspection. It will be very quick,” Kent said. “At this point we are looking at the brick work, the final concrete work, we’ve got that barrier curb put in, we’ve got some plaques coming in for some landscaping, we’ve got the landscaping coming. We’re still heading for May 23, but it’s the state right now.”

During the regular village council meeting, Kent also announced that he received a letter from Time Warner, which has merged with Comcast, stating that the name of the service could possibly be changed to “Charter Communication.”

For the full story, see the Thursday, May 1 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.