Pair named healthcare scholars

Two Wapakoneta High School graduating seniors were awarded the St. Rita’s Home Healthcare Scholarship Thursday morning for their essays describing their accomplishments and plans to study in the health care field in college.

Jennifer Spradlin and Bailey Hinegardner each received $500 in scholarship money, which will be sent directly to the school of their choice by the time they arrive in the fall.

“I felt really good about myself and I was really happy I was able to get it,” Spradlin said.

Spradlin will attend Rhodes State College in the fall where she hopes to attain a registered nurse certification. She will then continue her education at The Ohio State University where she plans to receive a bachelor’s of science in nursing. Hinegardner will attend Capital University where he plans to major in athletic training with an emphasis in physical therapy.

Hinegardner said he became interested in physical therapy after he became injured his sophomore and junior years. He said during that time he spent many hours with Rob Williams, an athletic trainer who works at WHS.

“I spent a lot of time with Rob rehabilitating my ankle and while around him I realized that I extremely enjoyed what he did,” he said in his essay. “He takes things that were said to never be attainable and reaches that goal. During my time with Rob, he inspired me to become an athletic trainer.”

Spradlin said her interest in nursing began at a young age.

“Ever since I was little I wanted to be in the medical field,” she said. “I like helping people and I feel like nursing is the only thing I want to do.”

St. Rita’s Medical Center Regional Account Coordinator Ann Stiles was one of three committee members who selected Spradlin and Hinegardner for the scholarship. She said they were selected because of their involvements in high school, their views for the future and the fact that their essays were well written.
The students were chosen out of six WHS seniors who applied for the scholarship.