Open house a success

WAYNESFIELD — White Memorial Library Supervisor Pamela Kennon is relatively new to working in a library setting.

When Kennon decided to host an open house Tuesday at the library, she had two goals in mind.

“I wanted to use it as an opportunity to meet some of the patrons,” Kennon said. “We also wanted to give people the opportunity to stop by and see what we had to offer.”

The idea ended up being a big success, as more than 100 visitors attended the event, held from 6 to 8 p.m. By 7 p.m., 71 people had already come to visit.

“I couldn’t be happier with the turnout,” Kennon said. “Its nice to get this many people on a weeknight when there is so much people have to do.”

Kennon, who formerly operated Pam’s Pantry for many years in New Hampshire, suffered a leg injury that limited her ability to run the store and had to give it up. Last May, the position of supervisor came open at the library.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity,” Kennon said.

Books have lost some of their demand in the technological age, and Kennon and other staffers used the opportunity to let patrons see what other services the library had to offer. The library still offers a wide selection of books. The library just started a book club for third through fifth grade students.

A story time is held routinely for children, in which they hear a story, do crafts and sing songs. Students from Waynesfield-Goshen Schools also visit throughout the week to use the library facilities.

To keep up with the times, e-books are also offered. The staff is trained on helping patrons to use the feature.

A computer lab is also available, and Kennon said the lab has become popular with students doing reports for school. These are just a few of the services offered at the library, and Kennon said they are constantly looking for other things to offer its patrons.

“We want to keep it important to the people in Waynesfield,” Kennon said.

Several crafts, baked items, and other items were available for silent auction. Many of the items were made by workers at the library. Other items were donated by patrons. The money raised will go to the Friends of the Library to benefit future activities.

Historical photos and other items were on display from resident Larry Herndon, including an impressive collection of presidential campaign pins. A craft room was available for children, and visitors were able to enjoy coffee, punch, cookies and other treats. Fourth-grade student Gracie Hayes also treated visitors to her ability to play the violin.

Ron Pepple of the Library Board of Trustees and Youth Services Coordinator Karie Maurer-Enneking were also in attendance to answer any questions.

“I am so glad it was such a big success, Kennon said. “It will allow us to have other events in the future.”