New track to greet elementary students

Wapakoneta Elementary School students returning to class this week will notice a new addition to the school’s playground area.

A one-tenth mile concrete walking track was completed Aug. 7 after nearly a week of construction. Among other things, students will use the track to complete miles for the school’s walking club. In addition, students will be able to use the track during recess and teachers will have it available to them if they want to take their students out there during the school day.

WES Vice Principal Carrie Knoch said the benefits of the walking track are three-fold.

From an academic perspective, Knoch said taking a walk to clear their heads could benefit students who are working on a project or studying for a test.

“It allows you to come back with a different perspective and sometimes it becomes a little easier,” she said. “So if our kids get up and move occasionally it can be very good for them academically.”

For the full story, see the Monday, Aug. 18 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.