New Red Cross director hired

A new director with a long history of helping others is serving at the helm of the Auglaize County American Red Cross office.

Former St. Marys Fire Chief Ken Cline was named to the position, which he is to begin Monday.

“When I heard about the opening, I was interested in it,” said Cline, after the Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting Wednesday during which the announcement was made.

Kline, who retired a couple years, said he was ready to get back out into the community and help others.

“My passion has always been helping people, serving the communities and the county,” Cline told the Wapakoneta Daily News.

While there will be things to learn on the new job, particularly about the American Red Cross organization, Cline said it’s kind of along his line of work and past experience.

“The main thing is I want to get out there again and help people,” Cline said. “I missed that part of the job.”

Since the position is part-time, Cline also will be able to enjoy some of the parts of retirement he was looking forward to and he said after a couple years, he’s gotten some of the projects he wanted to accomplished.

Cline, of St. Marys, served as a member of the St. Marys Fire Department for 34 years, eight as fire chief. He also served eight years on the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), four of which he served as the LEPC chair.

“I’m just looking forward to the opportunity,” Cline said. “It will be both exciting and challenging.”

The Auglaize County office of the American Red Cross is based at 10 W. Auglaize St., in Wapakoneta.

Adam Suchland recently resigned as head of the local office. He was appointed as American Red Cross director for Auglaize County in late 2010.

The director of the Allen County American Red Cross declined to comment on the change and said a news release would be issued in a couple days.