New post created

WAYNESFIELD — Waynesfield Village Council members unanimously voted Monday to create a new village position.

Officially the position will be a new class of general laborer. The person hired to the position will have the responsibility of general village maintenance.

“We have always ran with four or five village workers,” Mayor Mike Ridenour said during Monday’s village council meeting. “The last two years we have been running with three and one part-time worker. The worker will perform general maintenance and help out around the village.”

The position will be paid by prevailing minimum wage, or $10.50 an hour, or approximately $21,840 a year.

Approval of new zoning regulations was postponed by councilors while committee members review language in the proposed regulations that will be acceptable.

Councilors decided to review zoning regulations in the village primarily due to issues concerning farm animals in the village.

Police Chief Nathan Motter requested councilors to address the issue. Problems with clarity in existing village legislation made it difficult to enforce the rules, Motter said. Three properties within village limits currently violate the ordinance and have farm animals within the village limits.

Becky Clark, who lives at one of the residence in question, was present and made her concerns known of the potential regulations.

Clark owns horses and lives within the corporation limit and could be banned from moving more horses on the premises if the new regulations are adopted.

“If my horse broke its leg, you are telling me I couldn’t replace it,” Clark said. “Think of what you are saying. If this was effecting you and your family, you would have felt the same way.”

Councilor Richard Libby said he felt the village needed to set boundaries so the issue did not keep coming up every few years as it has.

“I think there needs too be definitive lines drawn,” Libby said. “That is my opinion going forward.”

Existing properties violating the proposed regulations would be grandfathered in, but they would not be able to replace animals that were sold or died.