Money shifted to pay final bills

UNIOPOLIS — Uniopolis Village Council members voted unanimously to pay off a debt in anticipation of unincorporating the village in November.

During the April council meeting, councilors approved a move transferring $37,000 from its savings to pay off a sewer loan and set aside another $7,400 to pay on the wastewater lagoon project.

Councilors continue to move in the direction of unincorporating, or dissolving the village, and discussed the issue during a brief meeting on Monday.

Councilor Marilyn Fleck said 54 signatures had been collected so far, only 16 short of the necessary 70 needed to put the issue up for a vote on the village’s corporation status.

If residents approve the unincorporation move, government of the village would be picked up by the Union Township trustees. County officials would assume control of the sewage treatment plant.

Council proposed the move to the public because of financial woes after receiving a 25 percent cut in operating funds and expecting another 25 percent next year.

Councilors are seeking to fill a council seat since Mayor Bill Rolston informed councilors his son, Wayne Rolston, resigned from his seat on council.

The mayor told councilors his son did not give a reason for the resignation. Wayne Rolston was not able to be reached by phone this morning for comment.

The move comes a month after councilors had appointed David Kohlreiser to a council seat that no one had ran for in the November election.

Councilors said they will seek a replacement.