Miles added to roadway striping

Favorable prices allowed more miles to be added to road pavement markings this year, which should lead to safer roads and expected cost savings next year, a county official says.

Auglaize County Engineer Doug Reinhart, with the approval of the Auglaize County commissioners, amended the contract with Dura Mark to add 20 miles of center and edge lining to county roads. The amendment included an additional $6,000 in costs, funded through 2011 Motor Vehicle Gas Tax funds.

Originally, the program was to include 200 miles of center and edge lining to county roads. The new total cost is $61,000 with centerline striping costing $220 per mile and edgelining costing $450 for both sides of the road for a mile.

With the additions, 240 miles of county-maintained roads received centerline stripes and 37 miles of edgelining.

The striping was done during two phases in July and then again late this fall.

“With 350 miles in the system, two-thirds of our mileage got center striped,” Reinhart said.

He said the extra mileage was necessary because of the condition of many edge and center lines and the favorable price offered made it possible.

“We can’t get more than two years out of a center stripe,” Reinhart said. “We need to plan for every other year for sure.”

He said part of the cause for diminishing lines can be blamed on snow plows, while the rest is due to regular wear on the roads. Reflective beads applied with the paint can wear off rather quickly, but allow the lines to be seen better at night.

Any time more than 5 percent is added to a bid price, Ohio Revised Code requires the Auglaize County commissioners to approve the increase. They did.

“This will cut down what we need to do next year,” Reinhart said.