Market, dairy cows put on a show

Bridget Oen said it’s compassion she’s learned through showing in the 4-H market and dairy competitions as a 4-H member — compassion for the cattle and taking care of them.

Born and raised on a dairy farm, the St. Marys teen was looking for something more exciting than the rabbits she’d shown the year before when she started showing cattle.

When she entered the ring to show a Jersey steer she’d had since it was born, she said she had to be calm not just for herself, but for the animal so that it would stay calm.

“You want to hide their flaws and accent their strong points,” Oen explained.

In the dairy and market competitions Wednesday, the 4-H members vied for the top places among their peers as judges looked for cattle that were more square than round, with muscle and a little fat and good body posture.

What the judges can only infer from a few minutes in the show barn is a cow’s personality and the year of work that often goes into raising the animals.

For the full story, see the Thursday, July 31 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.