Local wins card design contest

A retired English teacher designed a greeting card — which is now for sale at Hallmark Stores throug-hout the country.
Sue Moser, of Wa-pakoneta, decided to enter into the Hallmark Card Contest last year when she was shopping at a Hallmark store in Bellefontaine and saw that the store was hosting a card designing contest.
“I knew I had a good picture to use,” Moser said, “but it took me a little while to figure out the caption.”
Moser asked her daughter-in-law, Kodi Moser,
who is a local photographer for Memories for a Lifetime, to help Moser take the photo that she had in mind — her granddaughter’s first dance recital.
The photo on the cover of the greeting card is of her granddaughter Mylie’s dance recital at The Dance Centre.
Four-year-old Mylie is standing with two other girls, who are all dressed in ballerina costumes, with one having her back turned to the audience, Mylie looking to the side with one hand on her hip and the other girl to her right has her hands together with her eyes looking down.
The caption reads, “Does anyone know what we’re supposed to be doing?” and the inside reads “Remember when all you had to do was look cute?”
This is Moser’s first card contest she participated in, and her card was selected as one of the 30 card winners from those entered throughout the United States. She received $250 for her card being one of the contest winners and another $250 for her card being sold not only online, but also in Hallmark stores.
“I was excited when I found out,” said Moser, who is a retired English teacher who taught at Wapakoneta High School from 1979 to 2006. “They called me when I was on vacation and told me I had won and that I had so many days to complete the paperwork. I was nervous while on vacation because I got back home Sunday, and the paperwork was due that Monday.”
But Moser completed her paperwork in time, and in May, Hallmark stores began carrying her card.
“I checked in St. Marys and it was there,” Moser said.
On the back of the card is Moser’s photo, along with a brief biography.
Currently, Moser is going through old photos to get ideas for more Hallmark card designing contests in the future.
“They (Hallmark) has more contests and I plan to enter more,” Moser said. “I like to be creative. It’s fun.”