Local man a triple threat

After learning, training and persevering at the Dance Centre of Wapakoneta, a local young man is working toward becoming a true triple threat; an actor, dancer and singer.

Renni Magee, 19, of Lima, spent about seven years of his life as a male member at the Dance Centre, and where his skills and training have taken him already is sure to impress; however, for Magee, it all did not start here in Ohio, the story begins in Denver, Colo.

“I was definitely about three or four and I watched a lot of Michael Jackson,” Magee said. “We had this VHS and it was like Michael Jackson’s greatest music videos and I would watch it all the time and that was really why I wanted to start dancing, because of that inspiration.”

Magee remembers his first dance at Michelle Latimer’s Dance Academy where he was originally considered too young to do the competition shows, but he was one of the only males the studio had at the time.

“They thought I was very experienced in terms of what I could do for not having any training for that amount of time, so they put me in,” Magee said. “I remember the first dance, it was ‘The Doctor is in” by James Brown, and I would come out on the stage on a bed, I’d jump off of the bed and I’d start dancing with all of the girls. I thought it was cool, I was like, ‘I’m in a room with all of these girls!’”

Although entertaining has always been a large part of Magee’s life, he did go through the typical dream professions.

“There were times that I was like every other kid, I wanted to be a super spy, I wanted to be a secret agent, i wanted to be all of those things,” Magee said. “It wasn’t until actually very recently, within the last five or six years, that I was like you know, this is what I want to do.”

After moving to Ohio, the Magee family left the decision up to Renni to find the dance studio he wanted to join.

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