Local hits 700 Club

A local shop owner had cameras following his every move this week as he gave his testimony for a documentary.    

Mike Smithson, owner of Wapakoneta’s Art Your Mind Design was recently interview by The 700 Club, a program on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) this week.

They were with him for approximately 11 hours Wednesday, filming his story.

“I turned in my testimony, after becoming partners with The 700 Club, and they wanted to share my story,” Smithson said.

Smithson talked to the camera crew, and the senior producer-reporter of The 700 Club Zsa Zsa Palagyi about his struggles at the end of last year regarding his local downtown Wapakoneta shop, and how things started turning around for him when he was asked to be the official graphic designer for the Johnny Cash Museum, which is opening in Tennessee.

“I think I was putting God on the back burner,” Smithson said. “I started to not do so well because I wasn’t relying on Him. I remember there was one day in December when everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and I was close to packing up.”

Smithson, who opened his graphic design and printing shop at 30 W. Auglaize St. in June 2011, came close to closing in December because of a decline in business.

This took a toll on Smithson, because design was his passion, and closing his shop would have been like closing the book on his dream job.

Things soon turned around for Smithson.

Shortly after considering to shut down, he was contacted by the founder of the Johnny Cash Museum to be the official graphic designer for the Johnny Cash Museum.

Overall, Smithson enjoyed the whole experience of being able to tell his story for The 700 Club program.

“It was fantastic, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Smithson said. “I really enjoyed it.”

Smithson, and his wife, Melissa Myers, were both interviewed for the taping, which will be aired in May, around the same time as the spring CBN telethon.

“God uses us in so many different ways,” Smithson said.

Smithson’s story shows how a young couple had struggles with a small business, and he said he hopes other people in the  same situation see this and learn from their story.

As the reporter and camera crew were in town interviewing Smithson, they noted that Wapakoneta is a very neat community.

“They absolutely loved this town,” Smithson said. “They said when they go out and film, they like to eat at local places, and they just loved it here.”

The crew especially enjoyed the historical feel of downtown Wapakoneta, and told him that it reminded them of a scene from a movie, because of the historical feel and all of the local shops.

“They were excited, because they saw a mailman walking down the street delivering mail,” Smithson said. “They said it was like a scene from a movie.”