Letting faith take the lead

“An adventure of a lifetime” is how one local woman described her mission trip to Tanzania, which took her to many villages, tribes and landmarks of the African country in July.

Jenni Doseck, 35, and her daughter, Taylor Doseck, 16, both of Botkins, traveled to Tanzania representing the Social Justice Commission of the Petersburg Parishes, along with a large group, to bring necessities to people in need, learn about mission work and gain perspective on Catholicism in the area.

They received paper products, toiletries, soccer balls, and other goods from various parishes in the surrounding area to distribute while on their trip. 

“It’s crazy just to see how little they do have,” Taylor Doseck said. “We gave them bracelets, necklaces, bandanas, all kinds of stuff, pillowcase dresses that were donated. We passed all those out, and just the smiles on their faces— you couldn’t talk with them because they speak Swahili — but just their smiles, and they all want to touch you and hi-five you and hug you.”

The two women said they saw poverty in the area first-hand and were shocked at times to discover the living conditions.

“You think you’ve seen poverty and poor people,” Jenni Doseck said, “but you’ve never seen poverty until you’ve been to a third world country.”

For the full story, see the Saturday, Aug. 23 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.