Holiday show coming to Performing Arts Center

Local residents can join Charles Dickens in his study as history, humor and holiday come to life as he tells the story of “A Christmas Carol.”
Scrooge and all the characters of Charles Dickens’ holiday story will take the stage for the final show of the season at Wapakoneta Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 17, in “The Night Before Christmas Carol,” a special take on the classic Christmas story written by Dickens in 1843.
The historically accurate and humorous holiday production by renowned Dickens scholar, Elliot Engel, is set in 1843, on the night that the author dreamt up his idea for the ghostly Christmas tale that became world famous.
The performance not only tells the story with which everyone is familiar but shares with them Dickens’ writing process.
As he composes the winter morality tale, the audience glimpses into the life of Dickens and his inspirations.
During the acclaimed 90-minute performance, actor David zum Brunnen cleverly portrays Dickens and 17 familiar characters of the story.
Suitable for every holiday audience, the play gives personal, social and historical context to the ghostly classic, according to crititcs, who also described zum Brunnen’s portrayals as lively, physical and energetic.
Cedric Charles Dickens, the late great grandson of the author Charles Dickens, described zum Brunnen as “absolutely becoming his great-grandfather on stage.”
“We are really excited about doing this show,” Wapakoneta Performing Arts Center coordinator Pam Egbert said. “Short segments I have seen of the play, it will be something people will leave talking about.”
Tickets are on sale for $20 for reserved seating at the Wapakoneta High School office, 1 Redskin Trail, in Wapakoneta.
“The Night Before Christmas Carol” is the third of four programs the Wapak-oneta Performing Arts Center has presented this year. Others included shows featuring Kent Boyd in February and Thaddeus Rex in September.
“’Night Before Christmas Carol’ will be the season favorite,” Egbert said. “It’ll be a great way to finish out the Christmas season at the Performing Arts Center.
“What a better way than to see a great play, something that has never been performed at the Wapakoneta Performing Arts Center,” she said.
She said it’s been a great year for the center, setting the standard there with the huge Kent Boyd show.
“We learned a lot,” Egbert said of putting on that show. “Since then, we don’t want to do anything but the best we can.”
Village Green Floral and Garden Center has added to the atmosphere inside the Wapakoneta Performing Arts Center by decorating it for Christmas programs this year.