Gettin’ ready!

For the next two weeks, the Wapakoneta Parks Department will be working hard to get the town’s  parks ready for the various activities that will be taking place during the spring and summer months.

The department will be responsible for cleaning the parks, making sure all the playground equipment is working correctly, lining nine soccer fields and getting all the baseball fields ready for play.

“It’s a nightmare this week and next trying to get everything cleaned up, collecting all the winter trash, getting the water turned on and making sure there’s no leaks,” Wapakoneta Parks and Recreation Director Jack Hayzlett said. “After that, it’s a pretty normal workload for us.”

Hayzlett said he and his crew have already been out as late as 8:30 p.m. some nights painting lines on the soccer field at the VFW.

Soccer, baseball and softball leagues are beginning to start, and Hayzlett said he is making sure he does all he can to accommodate them.

“They’re doing a great thing for our community, so we try to do our part to make sure we’re not holding up the process,” he said. “Sometimes it’s difficult because weather gets in the way.”

For the complete story, see the Saturday, April 5, edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.