Friends band together for library

With the Wapakoneta Public District Library, one of the few libraries in the region, without a support group, a group of local residents decided to come together and join efforts to support the local library as “Friends of the Wapakoneta Public Library.”

They recently started their first membership drive campaign.

“All of the other local libraries had one,” Friends of the Wapakoneta Public Library President Barb Harrod.

“We knew it was late but we are very proud to get it off the ground.”

Harrod said the group started preliminary plans to form last May and they started their first membership drive in January this year. Friends can sign up for $5, $10, $25, $100 or $500 memberships. Members contributing $500 will receive their name or business permanently displayed at the library.

Harrod said the goal of the group is to help support library programs, raise funds for special projects or programs, promote community awareness of the library and become library advocates.

“We want to help subsidize programs they couldn’t otherwise afford,” Harrod said.

The group has formed a 20-person board and also a membership committee. The membership committee is fueling the membership drive.

Board members plan to meet Wednesday to discuss what they will do with the initial funds it has raised with the drive.

“We have made one small donation to the library so far,” Harrod said. “At the upcoming meeting we plan to discuss helping out with the summer reading program and to help purchase needed supplies in the library.”

Harrod said the group wants to be able to help the libraries expand on its uses as times change. She said they expect the group to grow quickly.

“We want to encourage people to continue to use the library,” Harrod said. “Being a new group, we just want to support it as much as possible. Any donation is more than welcome.”