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Foul language leads to reprimand of football coach Frye

September 6, 2012

Varsity head coach Doug Frye

After last Friday’s football loss to the Elida Bulldogs, Wapakoneta Redskins varsity head coach Doug Frye used “unacceptable” profanity while addressing his team in the locker room, sources say, resulting in the team’s offensive coordinator resigning and at least six players leaving the team.

For his conduct, Wapakoneta City Schools administrators on Wednesday reprimanded Frye.

Requests for comment from Wapakoneta City Schools Athletic Director Brad Rex were directed to Superintendent Keith Horner, who said, “It’s a personnel matter, and we’re not going to talk about it.”

He would not comment further. 

However, a public records request for Frye’s personnel file showed an official letter of reprimand from Horner dated for Wednesday. 

The letter revealed that an audio tape was delivered to school personnel Saturday, which Horner said needed to be addressed. The audio tape was of the post-game speech he gave his players after the 21-14 loss to the Elida Bulldogs on Aug. 31. 

“On the audio tape was a recording of you during the post-game talk after the Elida football game on August 31,” Horner wrote to Frye in the letter of reprimand. “During that audio talk, you used the “f” word repeatedly. Doug, this behavior is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. This is true in the past, present, and the future, You have indicated that you have heard the concerns and will not use that language in the future.”

A public record request for the audio file is being reviewed by Wapakoneta City Schools.

Also in Horner’s letter to Frye, the letter of reprimand states, “Upon conversations with players and parents regarding the incident, it has been reported that you have compared an old Wapakoneta versus a new Wapakoneta. This can and has been perceived as disrespectful to Wapakoneta in general and I would suggest you be very aware of that when comparing your style of commitment to what has been traditional for Wapakoneta.”

The comment Horner is referring is a quote published in Saturday’s edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News after Friday’s game, where Frye said, “We need to step it up because we’re fading back to the old Wapakoneta ways, and it’s going to be my job to make sure we don’t fade back to those ways.”

Horner’s letter continued by noting some “unacceptable” language the coach used.

“Conversations have indicated that you have referred to our kids’ actions as ‘p------.’ Again, that is totally unacceptable and it is not how we expect our kids to be treated,” Horner wrote to Frye.

Horner said this letter was serving as a formal reprimand, and that any future incidents would result in additional and more severe discipline.

“I firmly believe you have the unique ability to motivate at a very high level and demand kids to work very hard and be very loyal to you without the use of these techniques,” Horner wrote to Frye.

In response, Frye wrote a statement of regret.

“In my passion to get the best from our kids, I used a few inappropriate words,” Frye wrote. “I love our kids and community. I look forward to doing my best to help our young men reach their potential.”

The letter indicated that Frye hosted team meetings over this past weekend to address the team and the coaches. During these meetings, Frye apologized.

However, multiple sources that have requested to remain anonymous have confirmed to the Wapakoneta Daily News that at least six members of the football team have quit. It is undetermined how many have quit specifically because of Frye’s actions. 

The Wapakoneta Daily News has decided not to disclose the names of the students until after either  Frye or the students have addressed their status on the team publicly.

Frye, reached by phone Wednesday morning, said that all personnel matters were internal issues, and he would not discuss who may or may not have quit.

Mark Law, offensive coordinator for the Redskins last season and the first two games this season, submitted a letter of resignation to Rex on Tuesday morning. The letter of resignation stated he resigned from the team, effective Monday.

The letter of resignation, obtained through a public records request by the Wapakoneta Daily News, stated no clear reason for his resignation.

“I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as assistant football coach, effective September 3,” Law wrote in the letter. “I appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the football program. If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.”

Law was reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, but declined any additional comment. 

Multiple sources close to the football team say the reason Law resigned is similar to the complaints of the students — he is upset with Frye.

Frye confirmed Wednesday he would be assuming the duties of the offensive coordinator for Friday’s home-opener against the Bath Wildcats.

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September 11, 2012 by buttercup (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 305

What gives this man the right to treat anyone in this way? In a court of law this would be abuse. I guess or school board is more worried about winning a few games, instead of our childen, Think we may need to vote again...

Seriously people?!

September 11, 2012 by TessaRohrbach (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 301

Since his "coaching" is just so awful, I assume you would be proud when your child quits the Army for someone using a curse word? Would you be proud if he was dishonorably discharged because of his actions when curse words are used? Look at it from a different perspective. You people are making your children COWARDS! How will they ever handle real life with parents who want them to never hear ONE SINGLE curse word in their life?! Oh, but I'm sure the music they listen to has more than enough! Even country music is using curse words now! Time to prepare these boys for college. Most will probably drop out the first time they hear a curse word used in their dorm room!

Coach Frye was an amazing coach in Saint Marys and NONE of his players would say different unless they personally sucked! He creates a team, winners, people who want to be the best, motivation, drive, passion, and persistence! If your kids can't handle that, send them to private school!


September 13, 2012 by Donuts (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 307

The Army and high school athletics are two different things. Comparing them is impossible.
I resent you implying that people are cowards if they do not use curse words. How ridiculous can it get?
Also, the statement that NONE of his players would say different is untrue.
It is likely none of these players will go pro. Football is an extension of the educational experience. If a school teacher did this she or he would be disciplined. This is no different.

Seriously People

September 12, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 306

Love Your PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!! GO GIRL!!!!!


September 10, 2012 by skipbaughmanheisnot (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 296

Law talked the players into quitting? That is surprising considering he was in the stands Friday night supporting the team. I am also surprised that Coach Law stepped down though, especially since there hasn't been that many assistant coaches that have stepped down. Well, unless you count BOB ASKINS, Tim Duncan, Scott Wilson, Bill Sammons, Jeremy Dickey, and the numerous coaches that walked away at Saint Marys. I just dont understand why they would step down? Everyone needs to believe that this was just an accident and out of character of Coach Frye. Glass of Grape Kool Aid please.


September 11, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 300

I think he would do better in life just being Mark,Coach does not have a good ring to it for him.


September 9, 2012 by BBall Player (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 293

Seriously? Law is willing to help out during the transition? Did he think his secret recording would enable him to pull the coup he was seeking and he would be appointed the new head coach? If he were so wonderful and really thought there was something wrong he would have stayed and tried to make things better instead of quitting and then making the gutless move of trying to get players to quit.
I have seen Frye's comments and to some they might be perceived as having gone a little too far. However, he has apologized and said he will strive to correct this. Give him a chance to prove it.While some may perceive this to be bullying I certainly don't. In the classroom or hallways probably so, but not in the locker room of a boys high school sports team.
Larry Ankerman's letter was right on regarding the hypocrites in Wapakoneta.

Pink - slipped? You are nuts?

September 8, 2012 by andywashere (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 284

Pink - slipped? You are nuts? remember the state referendum that was voted on that would limit the power of public employee unions? how did you vote? unions won, unions will keep him.


September 9, 2012 by FutureSuccess (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 290

Two years ago a chemistry teacher in wapak was let go after using bad language once in classroom. Do your homework on actual past experiences before you throw around some big words.

Coach Frye

September 8, 2012 by Kathymarie (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 280

OMG! Enough about the foul language!!! The world is a harsh place, and the development of a thick skin will serve a person well while navigating thru life! The fans around me at the game last night were supportive of Coach Frye, and the play of the Redskins was inspired! Can't wait to see the conclusion of the game!!

Not that difficult.

September 8, 2012 by jerm_rt (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 279

You lead by example. A lousy example was set. Enough said.

It's not the language

September 8, 2012 by burnfieldb (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 278

1. I am sure that the players didn't quit because they were offended by foul language. The problem is not with the words themselves, but how they are used.
2. Coach Frye is a great football coach. Possibly a bit too much for high school football though. I love football, but I don't know how much I would like to play for someone that makes off season events pretty much mandatory if you want to play. Or a coach that belittles you when you make a mistake or have a bad game. Screaming, hitting things, cursing?? That is all classless and not necessary. A sore loser, a baby. What kinda man holds it together and stays calm for the public and then verbally abuses his team as soon as he gets to the locker room? You don't have to do those things to let people know you are disappointed.
3. He disrespected the program that he is now a part of. I would like to hear the audio of what was said to the team and what was said to the coaches. I'm sure that was a lot worse than his quote to the paper about the "old Wapak". I don't know where that is coming from. We never feared going up against St Marys in the past while he was there. I never knew who he was before he came to Wapak. Don't get me wrong. He has done some great things with the boys. Maybe he was just talking about a few tendencies. But from what I understand, he was slamming the whole program history.

the "f-word"

September 8, 2012 by John Curry (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 277

If a classroom educator, which the coach also is, would use the "f-word repeatedly" would he or she be allowed to stay in the classroom with just a letter of reprimand or would they be given a pink slip?

Suck it up!

September 7, 2012 by ohiostatefan1974 (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 270

I wish when I was growing up and playing sports that being called the "P" word and being cussed at was the only thing I had to worry about. How about getting smacked in the back of the head? Having your face mask grabbed and twisted until the rest of your body crumbles? Being kicked in the rear coming off of the field because you made a bone head play? Called out and made to feel two inches tall in front of your teammates? All which made me a stronger person. FOOTBALL coaches are there to coach and shape young men, not to sugar coat and coddle. The problem today is the parents. Parents cater too much to kids in this day and age like I have never seen before.
I have one word for the BOYS that quit on their team, school and community.....QUITTER! What are they going to do when they GROW up and get out in the real world and their boss calls them out? I know, QUIT!, because that would be the easiest way out instead of sucking it up and swallowing their pride.

Name calling

September 8, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 283

I grew up in the "old days" and survived. I believe in god, the ten commandments and rules. I also believe people have a choice, those who walked away stood up for what they believed, let's not call them names. And lets not compare a high school sport to a job, that's not very intelligent. Let down their community team and school? How? They didn't help bring a win in.?

Thank you

September 8, 2012 by ohiostatefan1974 (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 288

You have your beliefs, I have mine. You have your opinion, I have mine.

Where in my post did I compare high school sports to a job? What I did say was in no way a comparison. I simply asked, "What are they going to do when they GROW up and get out in the real world and their boss calls them out?". How is that a comparison? Please, enlighten me with your infinite wisdom.

I also did not use the phrase "let down" either. I said they "QUIT" on their team, school and community, which in fact is what they done. If you are going to reply and question someones intelligence you may want to get your facts straight first.

Your right

September 11, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 303

Your exactly right, i'm not here to argue with you for your opinion, But there were many questions, statements, comparisons, innuendos, abstract suggestions, (whatever you want to call it) that the boys who took a "stand" for what they believed were wrong, and they will fail, quit, leave, "let down" people in their life, jobs, ect...look at the players and coaches that quit for "THEIR" belief, opinion, choice...ALL GOOD MEN..I believe it's a constitutional right, an out of respect for the men in my family who continue to fight and die for those rights I am elated to see people using them, and not afraid to if/when it goes against a majority.
I did not attack your opinion or mean to attack your intelligence,I just don't think quitter is very nice label to pace on someone if they made a heartfelt, hard choice...
But if you want me to nit-pick it should read "Which in fact is what they did." Not "Which in fact is what they done."...just sayin...

Name calling

September 8, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 281

I grew up in the "old days" and survived. I believe in god, the ten commandments and rules. I also believe people have a choice, those who walked away stood up for what they believed, let's not call them names. And lets not compare a high school sport to a job, that's not very intelligent. Let down their community team and school? How? They didn't help bring a win in.?


September 7, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 269

I agree people swear, kids swear, and they get in trouble for it. but reread what past player said, calling them p,,,, and telling them to punch anyone that quits seems like intimidation to me, and would be better left for basic training

I agree!

September 8, 2012 by holtzy27 (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 276

Bullying is bullying... No matter if it comes from an adult or a student.... As someone below said, this is not a simple case of foul language....

Being someone originally from

September 7, 2012 by holtzy27 (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 267

Being someone originally from Wapak and now from St. Marys, this situation disturbs me... This same situation that is happening with Frye over in Wapak is what happened in St. Marys. For those from St. Marys that say that they want him back, I hope that never happens! I am not bad-mouthing Coach Frye, but look back in Frye's history at all of the other coaches and players that have quit because of his coaching methods, his drive to win at all costs, his lack of repect for players and fellow staff alike. There is a sayin: "Where there is smoke, there is fire." It should at the least bring up questions. I know Coach Mark Law. He is a man that stands up for what he believes in and also stands up against what he does not. Those players - I commend also for taking a stand in what they believe. None of this is easy for any of them, I am sure. But how many stands need to be taken against this coach or his methods before he thinks this might actually be about what he is doing and NOT brush it off again as the players / coaches misperceptions? There is a history with this coach that has always been brushed under the "rug" because he wins... Is this what we want our kids to learn: Winning is the ONLY thing that matters - no matter how you do it?

Enough is Enough

September 7, 2012 by TrippD (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 265

These comments, many from parents, are unbelievable. Have you ever stepped back to look at the fact that Coach Frye is a parent too...actually he's MY parent. He parents much the same way that he coaches, and unless you've lived this your whole life, you absolutely do not understand. You think he is hard on your kids and expects them to work hard, well that's because he sees the potential in them, and believe me he was 10 times harder on his own kids growing up because he knew the potential we had.
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I was yelled at growing up, and I deserved it every time. But what I remember most was every single time after I was disciplined, he came and talked with me to make sure I understood what I did wrong and why I had gotten in trouble and ended the conversation with "I love you." And as much as you don't want to believe it, I can guarantee he does something similar with every single player and coach on his team. He didn't try to be my friend, he was my parent. Once he knew that I was on the right track in life, he became my friend, and I can see that same relationship play out with hundreds of former players. And do you know what I learned from this? I learned discipline, I learned respect, I learned hard work, I learned loyalty, I learned that family is what is most important in life.
Yes, my brothers and I are not perfect, and we have made plenty of mistakes in our lives, but I would have to say that we have turned out to be pretty damn successful, and most of that has to do with our parents. Now I have not been a parent for long, but I have learned from my own parents and from 28 years of being the child of a high school football coach in Small Town America how to successfully parent my child. When my son crawls into the cupboard and hits his head, I don't pick him up and call 911, I make sure he's okay but let him learn on his own that he probably doesn't want to do that again. Does he hear a few "f...s" from time to time? Absolutely...guess you better put a formal letter of reprimand in my "Mommy Personnel File." But I know he will experience much worse as he gets older, and I feel as though it is my job to prepare him.
And to say that my dad is bullying his players and setting them up for a life of violence, gang behavior, and abuse is just ignorant. His children did not end up that way, and seriously, how many former high school football players that have played for him have turned to this lifestyle because they heard "f..." too many times?...probably not too many. Actually, all of this bullying talk is BS. There are people out there who are legitimately bullied for their lifestyles and their beliefs, and that is not okay, but this is completely different. And if parents step in and fight their child's battle, do you think that the child is not going to be bullied by his peers when his parents aren't around? It's life, people's feelings get hurt. We're setting our society up to deal with tragedies like movie theater shootings because these children get into the real world and can't handle it because they don't have their parents there to protect them anymore, and if I had to guess, I'm going to say most of the young people involved in these incidents did not play high school sports.

Also, he is not in this to win WBL titles, and if you think so then you really have no clue. Although wins are nice, it's not about winning and losing, it's about the relationships built and the lessons learned. If you don't want your child to be exposed to his coaching techniques or what goes on in high school sports then that's fine, but I find an issue with your parenting if your child suffers through and is miserable because he's too afraid to quit. Now I don’t believe in quitting, but shouldn't you be teaching your child to stand up for himself and what he believes in, not be submissive and afraid?
Finally, I think it is the lowest form of backstabbing and betrayal to secretly record someone in any situation. And what type of message do you think that is sending to high school kids? That is absolutely not okay.
No, he doesn’t walk on water. Coach Frye is human just like all of you, so I suggest you take a step back and a good hard look in the mirror before you go around criticizing someone else.

Great Post!

September 11, 2012 by TessaRohrbach (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 302

I couldn't agree more! He was an amazing coach. The team was always his pride in Saint Marys. It was never the win, it was the team he brought together and taught to be a family, taught to take care of each other! He was the same as a Phys. Ed. teacher! He was amazing with all of his kids. I was always the fat slow kid and he still encouraged me to try my hardest! He never put me down, even if I couldn't complete a task. He knew I tried my hardest and maybe that is exactly why these Wapakoneta boys aren't getting treated as their mommy's and daddy's think they should! They probably have WAY more potential than their parents will ever realize and will NEVER reach that potential because their parents are always "rescuing" them from a harsh, cold, mean world.

He will always have a place in our family's heart! He was and always will be wonderful!

Enough is Enough

September 11, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 299

Very well written!! Hats off to U girl. When is this going to end????

Submissive and Afraid.

September 9, 2012 by FutureSuccess (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 291

"but shouldn't you be teaching your child to stand up for himself and what he believes in, not be submissive and afraid?" When enough is enough, standing up and quitting because you wake up and realize football isn't all that important is when you parents should know they've done your job as a parent to teach you as a teen "to stand up for himself and what he believes in". Your argument is invalid.

Well said, and may all who

September 11, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 304

Well said, and may all who took or have taken a stand be proud, and be blessed....It's hard to do the right thing sometimes when it would be easier to stand by and say nothing.

Submissive and Afraid

September 11, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 298

by FutureSuccess===FS "is the stirrer of the pot" OMG should of known !!!!!!!

Read my post if you are going to quote it.

September 8, 2012 by Amom (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 287

"And to say that my dad is bullying his players and setting them up for a life of violence, gang behavior, and abuse is just ignorant"

If you had actually read my post, I was saying the culture of high school football today encourages that sort of behavior, legitimizes it. I did not say your father sets up his players for that sort of thing, personally. But hey, no problem, I'm so ignorant, I have a college education, it's going to take a lot more than that to ruin my day.

You would also, had you actually read my post, notice I don't think your father is any better or worse than the rest of that culture.

I think I can sum it up like this. In my day, when there was plenty of bullying and shenanigans, the only pre game music was the National Anthem, the school's fight songs, maybe some pre-game standards from the bands Now, Axl Rose howls at us " Welcome to the Jungle" ... Bon Scott talks about " Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"..... Our own student section boos our band.. Opposing team's student section throw food at them and yell crude things at the girls. Coaches yelled, sure.. maybe even threw a chair now and then. The cussing would be a few "damn's" and "hells" on bad days, not F bombs. The tone has gone from a proud battle of skill and strength to a street fight. Does everything always have to be at the lowest common denominator?

To enough is enough, I

September 8, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 286

To enough is enough, I sincerely hope your child doesn't drop the "f" bomb in daycare/preschool. Well here in wapak it would be okay I guess....I was in high school before I knew that word existed, and I never heard it from my parent or grandparent! And my kids, the oldest being 30 have not heard it from me...set an example, don't follow a tradition.....geeeesh!!!

Coach Frye

September 8, 2012 by Kathymarie (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 282

Excellent letter, thanks for sharing your perspective! I support Coach Frye and encourage the whole community to do the same.

Where is the LIKE button when

September 7, 2012 by ohiostatefan1974 (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 271

Where is the LIKE button when you need it!

Coach Frye

September 7, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 264

Dang me,Hang me from the highest tree! These parents today do FAR TOO MUCH for their children. When a little storm comes to these kids they are unable to stand on their own two feet, and the storm turns into a tornado. MOMMY and DADDY what ya goin do when after school and your kid gets a job, and his boss chews he or her out and tells him or her they're not worth a plug nickel......MOMMY,MOMMMY,DADDY,DADDY WHERE ARE YOU????????#@%$#@!!!!

I have NEVER had an employer

September 7, 2012 by StacieLynn (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 272

I have NEVER had an employer disrespect me in that way and if he/she did...that would be the last they saw of me. By the way...I have been in the job market thirty plus years. The bottom line here is that Frye did wrong by swearing at the players and dis-respecting Wapak. Quit dancing around the issue...he (Frye) did wrong.


September 7, 2012 by Cs-1224 (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 263

Does everyone think that all of this is just about some foul language? Coach Frye's behavior is something that has been in question for years. I know coach Law loves football and coaching kids more than anything and would would never resign over a few bad words. If you notice, he is one of the only coaches that has stuck with Frye. Why do you think all of the other Wapak coaches quit or resigned? Because of foul language ( come on)!!! You think players quit because a coach uses foul language? Come on people, use some common sense. There is a difference between using foul language and being abusive. All these coaches and players would not quit/resign of it was just some bad words. To those that feel that abusive behaviors are ok for an educator, do not complain when you child comes home because a teacher has called them stupid, and idiot, mentally slow. That teacher is just building character and preparing him/her for the real world!!

Well said!!!

September 7, 2012 by StacieLynn (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 274

Well said!!!


September 7, 2012 by rider00 (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 262

show me one of those kids who doesn't have a music cd in their car with explicit lyrics all over it! face it cursing IS a form of motivation. Go to bootcamp and see what happens if you think a coach swearing is so bad. i'll also bet if you secretly taped your kids conversations youd find out they cuss more than their coach with less of a reason to. and being an ex athlete for both wapak and st. marys, trust me frye is no worse than any other coach i had for football or any other sport for that matter. in fact i had worse im sure of it. maybe if kids still got whoopings and had things like chores they might quit turning out to be a bunch of foul mouthed little pansies. plus how little character do you have to have to walk away from something you supposedly love doing,and your friends and teammates over a word? grow up, people swear everyday, if you cant handle it,or take critism when YOU screw up,which is the real case, good luck when you get a job and out into the real world.

Coach Frye

September 7, 2012 by Rebel (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 260

You can fire kids up by not using the foul language, it is all in how we express the wording. Hopefully he will cease to use the swearing, and when done in the now-a-days politically way, he will still be successful. I have talked to friends in St. Mary's and they didn't have many negative things to say. Yes, some said he likes to swear, and like others on here have said, their kids do too. I have heard words like that from 6th graders and have been told of many more. I like what Coach Frye is doing, but I do not have insider knowledge of his antics.
I grew up here and have heard the swearing and ridicule by coaches when I played. I lost interest, not due to the coaches but by drinking w/ friends. I wish I would have known better, maybe if a coach had intervened and said you could be successful playing; because I was a starter, maybe I would have kept playing. Coach Frye and his methods may need some changing but applaud the man that can.
When my son grew up and started playing sports, I talked to him about my experiences with coaches and told him to play because he loves it not to make me proud. He played football and wrestled. That which brings me to another point. We have had and still do have coaches that are degrading in the other sports. I've heard the stories by my son and other parents. Football, wrestling, softball... the "coaching abuse" is still here in Wapak, don't be naive.
The one whose child was followed by detectives, I know personally and their daughter caught more bad mouthing and threats than what Coach Frye could have even said in the locker room. And this was by students!

Coach Frye

September 7, 2012 by mikefreewalt (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 259

From St. Marys :: Coach Frye is a very wonderful man and all the people in Wapakoneta should feel priviledged to have such a wonderful coach to coach their team We would love to have him back !~ He has installed in my son very good values !That he is using in his life after football! As far as the cursing cmon they hear it every where and sometimes worse !!!! He wants his players to succeed off the field as well as on the field !!! Im sure they have heard worse then that at some homes !Or their own friends. So stand up Wapakoneta if you want a winning team then let him coach the way he sees fit !!!Good Luck Coach Frye!!! Wish you were back coaching St. Marys !! And hope you have a winning team this year !! See ya at the Game !!!

Past Player

September 6, 2012 by FutureSuccess (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 258

First off, frye is a good man. He does help and try to be a good man. He takes interest in his players, but his coaching methods are very questionable. Yes it is good to be tough on your players, but you to know when to stop. If you cross that line, you lose the respect of your players. High school sports are supposed to be about having fun and collaborating with your teammates. Not worrying about getting yelled at, swore at, harassed in the weight room, and being told to punch anyone that quits and never talk to those p****'s again. I remember multiple instances where frye would just go crazy(swear, hit things, throw chairs) after a lose(on bus as well as home games) or even before a game and make you AFRAID of him. In high school sports, you should not be afraid of your coach. If a teacher were to do any of those things they would be run out of town in an instant. What makes Frye different? Wapak had a damn good team under Fell and he didn't use the Frye method. Wapak Wrestling has always been great and you don't see this stuff happening. Wapak baseball has had good success and this stuff isn't happening. Wapak girls and boys basketball have been very successful in the past and this isnt happening. To be quite honest, the people that think Frye turned wapak around are very ignorant. Frye came to wapak because he knew we were going to have success in the future. Frye's contract is up this year and I'd be very surprised if you didn't see him in the booth or on the sidelines at st mary's games in a year or two. He didn't come to wapak to start tradition, he came to wapak to get more wbl titles. High school sports need to be fun as well as challenging, but when they become too serious, you lose interest, and under frye if you lose interest and have a desire to quit, your going to be scared as hell to do so. I congratulate anyone who has been in the program and got away as quick as they could. Look at all the players and coaches we have lost. In 2011 only two wapak coaches that have been with the program for years remained, and now it is down to one. There is something going on here wapak, and just as penn state 'if no one raises a question it goes unnoticed', well we have the questions in the table, let's see if justice comes next. Knowing frye has the wapak city schools administration wrapped around his fingers, let's see if they wake up and take a stand or continue to buy in to frye. Remember frye is a coach and teacher, if any other teacher or coach did this they'd be gone in a heart beat, let's see what happens to frye. The choice is yours wapak.

Foul Language: Coach Frye

September 6, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 257

Parents its time to get your head out of the sand!!!!!I"m Around the foul language all the time. We all schooled,worked,went to the movies,the fair and been in surroundings we weren't happy. Guess what we sucked it up and grew up and cut the mustard. Chances are your kids talk,and act like they just left the HOOD!!!! Good Luck Coach Frye,and the kids that care.

When I started hearing about

September 6, 2012 by Amom (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 254

When I started hearing about Coach Frye's techniques, I was put in mind of the tough coaches of my youth - some 35 years ago now - and started to wax sentimental about " the good old days" when "things were tough but we survived"..... but when I thought harder about those " good old days" and multiple casualties, both real and emotional. I had to question my opinion that there was nothing wrong with Frye's methods. Fact is, I was terrified of those tough coaches, and stayed out of sports because of that. That personality type caused me a lot of grief in other areas of my high school career, and no, it did NOT make me a stronger, better person, because it crossed the line to abuse.

I don't know if Frye crossed that line. I wasn't there. The way the kids are and have been talking, he may have. I know I take exception to a man referring to weaker men with the P word, that is slang for the V word, because sorry, there is nothing weak about those V's..... thats where the babies come from, and that takes a LOT of strength... but fact is I bet most of those boys have used that same word in the same manner.

Then we have the thought that these kids are Varsity Football players, and they knew the job was tough when they took it. I can't imagine that college and pro coaches are polite when their teams loose.

Another angle.. The Elida students were exceptionally rude and abusive to our band,, throwing food at them, cussing them, and saying things to the girls that should have earned them suspensions at the very least. One girl kept telling our kids to kill themselves. Is that really how we want our kids to behave and be treated?

What it comes down to, to me, is, "Is the football culture worth the anger and pain it stirs up". I love a good football game: but when people take it as dead seriously as they do around here, when kids play for fear of loosing their parent's love and respect even though a coach may be impossible, when people hire private detectives to tail players to make sure they live where they are supposed to, when students will vilify and assault kids just for being from the opposing teams school.. is this really the culture and values we want to teach our kids? Yes, Coach Frye didn't do anything that a million other coaches before him didn't do. But the entire picture is teaching our kids violence, gang behavior, and abuse. It has been for years Is that really what we want? I'm not so sure anymore.


September 6, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 251

Every person has both good and bad qualities. And I am sure Doug Frye has many good qualities, obviously knowing the "game" of football is one of them, I am glad to hear he has helped out some kids in need.
People of Wapak were excited about his arrival and he had a great group of kids and a super coaching staff to work with, we all wanted a winning team and we got it.
What happens next? Most of the coaching staff quits after year 1, quite a few GOOD players ("starters") leave the team, also after year 1. No one asks questions or wonders WHY? We have a good team, and that apparently is what matters??
Locker room horror stories start to surface and they are ignored by parents and school staff. Parents who are living through their children didn't listen and some of the boys who wanted/wish to quit were forced into playing even though they hate every minute of it, too scared to disappoint their parents, and too afraid to stand up to an adult without their parents support, and you wonder why there is a teen suicide problem?? Shame on them for having their child so afraid that they can't be honest with them.
Bullying, swearing and degrading a child is NEVER okay, and you can't MAKE it okay by ignoring it or by calling it by another name like "coaching style or technique" it is still just wrong.
I would rather bet on the player that WANTS to win because of praise, desire and love of the game than the player who is afraid of disappointing and ramifications.
High School Football needs to be FUN! They are not getting paid and most aren't going to be playing in college it's a game.PERIOD.
If you have a child playing ask them "Is it fun?" And make sure they know you will love them and are proud of them even without football If the answer is yes thats great then support Doug Frye. But if they answer "No" go on to ask them why? Don't ignore the hard questions of yourself, Are you ignoring whats happening because YOU love Friday night football? Is your son afraid to disappoint YOU?
THIS IS NOTHING NEW with Frye it's his " tough style" remember? Been going on since he came here..But hey we are winning!! You can be proud of your boy and scream in the crowd on Friday night. Are you going to stop being proud when they graduate and don't play anymore? Are the coaches and players that have quit weak for standing up and saying something because they tired of the bullying or true men for having the courage to do so ?
The only question I see here is will this be ignored by Keith Horner and the school board? Isn't there anti-bulling policies in schools? Or does winning make bullying okay? Seems like a slap on the hands to me, play the audio for the town if it's okay...

Coach Frye

September 6, 2012 by TessaRohrbach (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 248

Quoted off of Facebook:

Coach Frye is a tough coach who expects hard work from his players and coaches, and he hates to lose. He yells, he cusses, it's nothing new, and yes some people can't handle that which is fine. But how about we also look at the opposite side of the spectrum where he builds those players and coaches back up?
If he's yelling at you, it obviously means he sees the potential in you...I would be real worried if I were a player and not getting yelled at. Who else, after being invited to BW3's for a pep rally the week of the Elida game, finds out that the players ended up having to pay for their own meals and takes his own money to reimburse them the next day? Do you know how many times he has paid for shoes, other equipment, etc. for a kid who couldn't afford it? How many kids he has taken under his wing when their home situations took a turn for the worse? Who else has been a pall bearer for a former players funeral, or the mother of a player? Who else has gotten letters from Afghanistan and Iraq thanking him for being there and preparing them for life beyond high school football? Do you know how many kids he has given a chance to that no one else would even have given the time of day, many who are no asset to the team, but their lives are much better off being a part of it? Do you know how many former players and coaches he has put himself on the line for to help them get jobs? It's real easy to get on here and talk about all of the negatives and talk about how his ego is so big, but not so much fun to talk about all of the good things.
Maybe we need to look at what is wrong with us here in Wapakoneta. Our football program gets a little taste of success then we tear that success down and force a good coach and a good program out of here...if this was the first time this happened it would be different, but it's not. We all knew the kind of coach Coach Frye was and is when he came in here, he brought success to our neighboring school district for 10 years, it's not like it was any secret, so I'm not sure why everybody is so surprised now. The only difference was that SM knew success and understood how to be successful and had the balls to handle what is required to be successful...unfortunately the people of Wapakoneta cannot handle it, and I think we've really cooked our goose on this one.
Anyways, those who are a part of the team now are there because they want to be, and it's better off that way.

I agree it's better off to

September 6, 2012 by justathought (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 252

I agree it's better off to WANT to be there? But as a parent WHY would you want your child swore at and bullied? Should teachers use the "FRYE METHOD"

No Excuse!!!

September 6, 2012 by StacieLynn (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 249

I'm glad you think Frye can walk on water...but as a mother of a former football player, I can tell you he isn't that great.

I told my son a long time ago that when football stopped being fun...he could quit. He played with Frye the first year he came to Wapak and that was the last time he played. My son played since he was 9 years old and absolutely loved the sport. Frye took the fun out of football...after all, it's a high school sport that is supposed to teach children many things; sportsmanship, teamwork, self-esteem...not to be a foul-mouthed bully who throws a fit when something doesn't go his way. What kind of role model is this?

thats why the problems we

September 6, 2012 by beep@beep (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 255

thats why the problems we have grow ramped with kids in genral.Our kids have no discipline coaches from the old school used their way of descipline if its verbale or physical and you ask most kids that played football or anyother sport with a coach that was a dictator most of these kids would say they learned a great deal in team work would work hard at any task givin because they where tought not to give up and fight to the end. we give kids power now that even parents are not allowed to displine. why not talk to the players that succeeded with coach frye or any other players that played for other displenarians.

I am an extreme

September 7, 2012 by StacieLynn (not verified), 2 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 275

I am an extreme disciplinarian...not a parent who cusses at their child...or calls them names. I discipline without harming one's self-esteem or spirit. I don't throw fits in front of my children when something does not go my way. And, I can bet my son will turn out just as well, if not better, than those poor boys exposed to Frye's teaching methods. It's high school for God's sake...not professional, or even college, football!!!

This problem will always be

September 7, 2012 by Memory Lane (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 261

This problem will always be in our life,With the generation of parents WHO DO EVERYTHING FOR THEIR KIDS. Todays kids get everything done for them by the parents, that want to be friends. Then when a little storm comes into the kids life they can't stand on their own 2 feet,and it becomes a TORNADO!!!

Frye's mouth

September 6, 2012 by beachbucks (not verified), 2 years 34 weeks ago
Comment: 247

This is certainly NOT the first time this has happened. Just ask the bus drivers who have driven the team to away games!!! This man is a bully pure and simple, but apparently the school system allows this kind of treatment to happen at their school. He should be fired!!!!!!

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