Firefighter fired

A Wapakoneta firefighter is no longer a member of the Wapakoneta Fire Department after being terminated Friday morning.

Wapakoneta firefighter Tom Stinebaugh, who was a captain at the beginning of the year and was demoted in March, attended a formal personnel hearing this morning when Safety-Service Director Bill Rains informed Stinebaugh he would no longer be employed by the city.

“It is unfortunate,” Rains told the Wapakoneta Daily News Friday afternoon. “He violated city policies and procedures and we moved forward.”

He decline to comment further.

Stinebaugh, who was contacted at his residence Friday afternoon, said he is in contact with his union representatives and they are reviewing the case. He noted he could say little until the case is settled.

“I will have a lot to say in the future but I cannot release any statement regarding anything regarding the case right now,” Stinebaugh said. “I look forward to meeting with you and presenting all the facts and documents that will clear my name.”

According to city documents, Stinebaugh was insubordinate by refusing to perform assigned work or to comply with the written or verbal instructions of a supervisor. He also provided false testimony or statements during an adminstrative investigation, hearing or proceeding and was dishonest.

Stinebaugh was placed on paid administrative leave starting in early July after city fire officials claimed he left the scene of an accident on June 29, the day of a wind storm causing millions of dollars in damage to the area, to respond to another accident alone. He allegedly drove off and stranded two firefighters at the first scene to respond.

According to city policy, two firefighters-EMTS must respond to the scene of an accident.