Filling station getting new lines

The Clark gas station on 302 Willipie St. is undergoing construction to replace underground gas lines and the project may not be finished for another week, a Clark employee said.

The actual store remains open to the public, but customers will be unable to purchase gas until construction is completed and the state of Ohio has performed an inspection.

“We’re expecting another week down, but hopefully construction can get done by this weekend,” Clark employee Jacy Margraves said.

The project is being completed by a private contractor who estimated construction would be completed within 10 to 14 days. A construction crew began work on the project on April 28.

Although the actual construction phase may be done as early as this weekend, Margraves said it will likely be even longer before they can start selling gas again.

“The state has to check and make sure all the work has been done properly,” he said. “Everything has to be checked from the ground up before we can get gas running through the system again. That’s why they (the contractors) gave an estimated period of time — you can never tell what may happen during the process.”

For the full story, see the Tuesday, May 6 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.