Experienced politicians square off for representative

Two politically experienced men are making bids for the 84th district state representative seat during the Nov. 6 election.

Jim Buchy (R-Greenville), the current office holder, squares off against challenger Ron Hammons (D-Celina).

Either man would bring a wealth of experience to the position, as both have served in elected positions for more than 20 years.

Buchy and his wife, Sharon, have two grown children. Buchy was appointed to fill the unexpired term for Jim Zehringer, who was appointed to a state government position by Governor John Kasich. He took over the position Jan. 11, 2011.

However, Buchy has spent plenty of time in elected offices. He was an elected member of the Greenville Board of Education from 1980-82. From 1983 to 1992 he served as a state representative for the 73rd district. From 1983-2000 he served as the representative for the 84th House of Representatives seat.Hammons is unmarried and has 4 grown children. He served as a member of Celina City Council from 1982-2005.

Buchy, 72, is president of the family-owned business, Buchy Foods, in Greenville. The company is a distributor of about 5,000 food items ranging from nuts to soup. Buchy said he decided to run for the position to because he wanted to help Ohio continue on its path of success it has had over the last couple of years.

The focus is on job creation,” Buchy said. “I want to be helpful as we continue to grow the economy of Ohio.

Buchy said the state needs to focus continuing to lower the cost of doing business to create jobs in the state, primarily in the private sector.

“There is still more work to be done,” Buchy said.

Buchy also said he wanted to continue on working on the restoration of Grand Lake St. Marys. He said he wanted to help the district continue with its current record of success in education, saying the 84th district contained schools among the strongest performance-wise in the state. He also said he wanted to help to continue to lower taxes on workers and streamlining the regulatory process so people have more return on their money..

Hammons, 67, is officially retired, but still works part time as an office worker/salesman at Moser Motors in Portland, Ind. He said work on Grand Lake St. Marys is right at the top of his to-do list if he is elected.

“The lake is in trouble, and it has a major economic impact on business and tourism in our district,” Hammons said. “To me there is a lot of far-reaching effects from the problem with the lake.”

Hammons said he considers himself a steward of the environment and thinks the effect pollution has had on the lake calls for more regulatory procedures.

“I know it is a sensitive issue,” Hammond said. “But we can’t keep polluting the lake. We have people leaving the area and going to Michigan or Indiana because they can have fun on clean water. I know regulatory is an over-used word, but we need to stick to it.”

Hammons said the district enjoys some of the lower unemployment rates in the state, and he said he would work to maintain those numbers. He also stated he wanted to run because he thought the races were unchallenged too often.