Dressing up reading

“I ate too much turkey… my buttons are starting to pop!”
Third-graders in Chris Talowsky’s class at Wapakoneta Elementary School exclaimed these remarks as they worked in groups throughout the classroom, assigning parts and practicing their assigned lines of a poem they plan to deliver to classmates on Friday.
It’s part of a weekly assignment, with Talowsky picking a story or writing, often with a seasonal theme, and students working in groups to rehearse it throughout the week before it is performed.
“Practicing helps with their reading fluency,” Talowsky explained, while the students in her class excitedly worked around her.
Some of the excerpts have prompted children to bring in their own props from home and create a play, making the assignment even more fun, while still teaching them important reading skills.
“The more they read, the more automatic words are to them when they see them,” Talowsky said. “When they are having fun, they don’t realize that they are learning, too.”