Dog park set to open in August

Beginning this summer, dog owners in Wapakoneta will have the opportunity to bring their four-legged friends to a new dog park that is set to open on the former Lanning Farm property, located on the corner of West Auglaize Street and Herbstritt Court.

Wapakoneta High School junior Travis Rohrbach is in charge of the project.

“A lot of people in Wapak have dogs, but not everyone has a yard or a fenced-in area where they can let their dogs run,” Rohrbach said. “I thought a place that’s fenced in and is designated for dogs would be beneficial to the community.”

The 17-year-old Rohrbach is currently working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, and chose the dog park as his final project. All scouts must complete a pre-approved project before they can become an Eagle Scout.

In order for Rohrbach to reach Eagle Scout status on time, he must have the dog park finished by his 18th birthday on August 8.

Rohrbach said he is confident the project will be completed by that time.

“Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be able to do it by then,” he said.

So far, he has raised about $2,300 through fundraisers and donations from local businesses. In all, he needs to raise an additional $2,200. He said he hopes to receive even more donations from businesses in the coming months, and plans to hold a chicken dinner as an additional fundraising effort.

Of the project’s $4,500 cost, $4,000 will be spent on fencing. The entire one-acre property will be fenced off, including a row down the center that will allow for separate areas for large and small dogs. There will also be a double-gate entry system to prevent dogs from escaping when people come in and out of the park.

If you would like to make a donation or want to know more information about the dog park, call 567-356-7038. 

For the full story, see the Monday, April 28 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.