Derby racer’s work pays off

Even if she had not won third place in her division at the Lima Soap Box Derby last weekend, a local racer said it would still have been worth all of her effort over the past five years.

“At least you got to go out there and try to win,” Madison Kennedy, 12, of Wapakoneta, said. “It’s really fun just to go out there and spend time with other racers and other kids. The first thing we probably say to each other is ‘good luck.’”

But Madison was awarded third place in the youth competitive soap box derby, an event many members of her family have both supported her and participated in since 2010.

“The sportsmanship out there is just great,” Madison’s mother Cheryl McCullough said. “The kids are getting ready to race, they’re on the launch ramp ... Usually when they’re sitting up there, the racers will look at each other and wish each other luck. It’s really cute.”

For the full story, see the Thursday, June 26 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.