Department works to overcome change

The district advisory council met at the Auglaize County Health Department Monday morning for the annual meeting to discuss the progress, statistics and changes the health department encountered in 2013.

Auglaize County health commissioner Charlotte Parsons explained that most of the annual report for 2013 discusses change. Parsons said she has been in public health in Ohio for 24 years, and she has seen a lot of changes.

“Just looking back on, reflecting what’s changed and when and how that’s affected us,” she said. “I think we do a lot of the same things we’ve done in the past 40 years or so as far as public health and preventative health services, we just do them in a different way.”

According to Parsons, two main events or happenings are responsible for most of the changes the health department has seen in the past few years. One of them being technology.

For more on the district advisory council meeting, see the Tuesday, March 25 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.