Celebrity cat missing downtown

Moon Florist owners have been missing their calico cat “Alice,” for more than two weeks.
“She was just sitting outside at noon watching the cars go by,” Moon Florist Owner Deb Kiser said, recalling Oct. 11.
Alice is an old, heavyset and multi-colored cat that has been living in the Moon Florist for six years.
“They say a cat picks you for the owners,” Kiser said about when Alice came pawing at their door. “I guess she picked us.”
Kiser said Alice can be identified by her pink collar and her tortoise-shell orange, yellow, black and grey coloring. She said Alice has a white tip on the very end of her tail that “shakes like a rattle snake” when she is excited.
Alice is popular with the community and is even featured on the Wapakoneta Downtown Partnership website.
“She’s a celebrity downtown,” Kiser said. “We even have people that come to visit her.”
Kiser said there is one couple that makes a point at least once every two weeks to come visit Alice in the shop.
“They just walk around downtown and see her here in the windows,” Kiser said. “She always greets everybody when they walk in the door.”
Kiser said the letter carrier and other visitors have already asked about Alice.
Alice lives and sleeps inside the Moon Florist, but is known to occasionally visit the Classy Closet or Riverside Art Center.
Since the cat has never ventured off on her own in six years, Kiser said she thinks someone must have taken her home.
“We’re just hoping someone picked her up — hopefully she’s got a good home,” Kiser said. “That doesn’t stop you from hoping she’ll come back.”
Anyone with information about Alice’s whereabouts are welcome and encouraged to call the shop during the day at 419-738-8176 or call 419-230-4017 after hours.
Kiser said Alice is friendly and would be easy to pick up, especially with the incentive of food.