C’ville to sell fire vehicles

CRIDERSVILLE — An area fire chief and his crew are ready to sell a truck that has been with the village for 21 years.

Cridersville Fire Chief Ron Mertz along with the Cridersville Village Council members intend to advertise the 1991 Ford pick-up truck for selling, as it is to be auctioned off.

The truck will be advertised in the Cridersville Village Hall parking lot, and it will be put up for sale in mid-March at the Springbrook Auto Auction.

Mertz explained this vehicle is no longer used for the purposes of the village, and all of the revenue made from this sale will be put in the village’s fire fund.

In addition, two other vehicles, a 1994 Jeep and a 1978 one-ton truck, also used by the volunteer fire department, will be sold this year.

“When the new grass fire truck is to be done, we will put the other two up for sale,” Mertz said after Monday’s council meeting.

Mertz estimated approximately 60 days for the grass fire unit to be finished and for the other two vehicles to be put up for sale.

Mertz inquired if the revenue from each of these vehicles could be put into the village’s fire fund. Councilors agreed with the request. They approved the request at the regular council meeting.

“The fire department is looking to sell vehicles and put the money into the fire fund,” Cridersville Council President Eric West said. “The fire fund is used to update vehicles.”

These three vehicles are no longer used by the village’s volunteer fire department, and the revenue from the sales will help to purchase new vehicles in the future for the department.

In addition, councilors approved the Shawnee fire contract.

This contract is renewed every three years, and Shawnee Township will pay the village $17,500 each year for fire protection from the Cridersville Fire Department.

Cridersville Fire Department will continue their services to Shawnee Township. The dollar amount remained the same as last year.

This money will be put into the village’s fire fund.