C’ville post opening

CRIDERSVILLE — Cridersville Village Council members met Thursday to help determine the future of a administrative position for the village.

During a special meeting Thursday, Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers brought to councilors attention of posting the job position for the Cridersville village administrator — which is a spot that will soon be vacant.

Current Village Administrator John McDonald is set to retire on Dec. 31. He let the councilors know earlier this year of his plans, and now councilors are ready to post the job position for applicants.

“We want to have it filled by Dec. 1, so they have an opportunity to work with John McDonald before he retires,” Myers said.

The job is to be posted after the Nov. 1 Finance Committee meeting, where the salary of the position will be discussed and decided.

The job will be posted internally for five days, along with being advertised to the public. Interviews will then be conducted for applicants who fulfill the proper qualifications.

Councilors discussed if this post should be a salary-paid position instead of an hourly-paid position — because it is an administrative position.

“It should be a salary position because this is the person who is going to be in charge of the day-to-day duties of the village,” Councilor Stacey Cook said.

The village administrator is a supervisor position, who will have duties ranging from looking for grants for the village to working with local agencies to making executive decisions along with an array of other duties, including reporting to the mayor on a frequent basis and helping out with onsite projects and emergencies that occur in the village.

It was brought up during the meeting about working out a plan with potential overtime pay when emergencies arise.

Village Solicitor Jim Hearn noted this could be a position where the person works in excess of 55 hours each week — as the village administrator is always on call.

“This is not an 8-to-5, or 9-to-5 job,” Hearn said. “Most weeks, he will be working 55 to 60 hours. They are on call 24/7.”

Taking compensation time was discussed, but with the village administrator being a supervisor position, it may not be an option for the person to take a whole day off after working all night plowing snow, for instance, as this person has daily duties to fulfill.

“The council would want to talk into account the hours he works,” Hearn said. “The village administrator may not be able to take off days because of it being a supervision position.”

Councilors voted to make this a salary position, and the salary of the newly hired village administrator will be brought to the Finance Committee on Nov. 1 for discussion. After that date, the job will be officially posted.