C’ville designs new site

CRIDERSVILLE — An area village’s website will soon get a makeover, as village officials are looking into different avenues for a redesign.

Cridersville Village Administrator John McDonald and Village Operator Jarid Kohlrieser have been researching companies and individuals to hire to create a new website for the village of Cridersville.

“(Mayor) Lorali Myers asked us to check on web design options suggested by (council president) Eric West and  (former councilor) Jeff Bassitt,” McDonald said.

After seeking out the two individuals, they decided one may be a potential designer to build the website.

The village also contacted Midnet Media, of Minster, to work with on the redesign.

Councilor Stacey Myers Cook noted that the village of Minster recently relaunched their newly redesigned website, which was designed by Midnet Media, and she was pleased with the outcome.

“It’s incredible,” Myers Cook said of Minster’s new website. “It’s user-friendly, and has Facebook interaction.”

Myers Cook said the village’s website should draw in economic development and include happenings in the village.

“Social media and internet is the thing of today,” Myers Cook said of the importance of having a functional website for residents.

The mayor agreed and said that it is important to have meeting dates and events available to the public, along with being able to post breaking news for the village.

Midnet Media quoted the village $5,650 for the new website they would design for the village.

Myers asked McDonald to check with Midnet Media and ask them what the village would get for that price, along with determing if they could create a site similar to the villages of Minster and New Bremen, in which Midnet Media also designed.

The village would like business profiles, a calendar of events and landmarks in the village to be incorporated on the new website.