Board plans ahead

Not wanting the unexpected to happen during this year’s presidential election in November, the Auglaize County Elections Board opted Wednesday to purchase two new computers.

The computers would replace existing ones bought in 2004, which are used to program ballots and tabulate results.

“Although we’ve had no real issue with them, they are starting to get a little age on them,” Auglaize County Elections Board Director Carolyn Campbell said.

She said they would prefer to get the computers replaced by the end of the month so they can begin programming ballots by the first part of September. The total cost for the new computers is approximately $9,800.

Campbell said they made the decision on the recommendation of several others and after consultation with county and state information technology personnel and other election boards.

“We don’t want any problems this election,” Campbell said.

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, members approved poll worker training days to include Oct. 15 through 18, with all 210 poll workers and alternates required to be trained per state directive.

“We are still looking for poll workers,” Campbell said.

While she wasn’t sure why they still had so many spots to fill, Campbell said she thought some of it may have come down to  nerves about this election, the long day and the added pressures an election could bring.

She said in addition to poll workers, they also are looking for presiding judges for the precincts, all but one of whom, must be Republican, with the political party determined by how the precinct voted in the last governor’s race.

“We really need some Republicans to step up,” Campbell said. “I’d love to see some retired teachers do it. We need to find people comfortable being in charge.”

Board members are continuing to work to get all voting locations in compliance with handicapped accessibility requirements.

Prior to the Nov. 6 election, they still need to get updated handles in place on doors to the Nazarene Church in New Hampshire where Goshen Township votes. Money is available from the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to pay for the change to lever door handles.