Alleged threat prompts rumors, minor concern at school

Wapakoneta Police Department officers are investigating a call reporting a a threatening comment made by a 15-year-old student to another student while being transported home Wednesday on a school bus.

A call came in at 4:10 p.m. reporting the student had harassed another student According to the report, High School Principal Aaron Rex had already made contact with the student and his parents and had addressed the situation.

A statement issued through the Wapakoneta Police Department said the student had admitted the comment and said it should not have been made. The report said there was no threat for safety at the school today.

Rumors quickly circulated about the incident, including on Facebook and Twitter, including inquiries about a school shooting.

“There were rumors of a school shooting, but those are untrue,” Wapakoneta Police Clerk Denise Kohler said. There have been several calls to the police station and people coming on station. The rumors got out of hand.”

Police and school officials have spoken with the student and his parents, and the report stated the student had no access to weapons as had been thought.

School officials requested  a police officer be present and an officer was present at the school this morning.

The student was told not to be on the bus this morning and to report to the principal’s office once he got to school, Kohler said. No charges have been filed in the incident.

Superintendent keith Horner was out of the building for the day and was not available for comment.

An official at the high school said Rex was busy handling the situation and was not available for comment as of press time this morning.

After false rumors began to circulate about the incident, school officials sent out a One-Call to school district residents at approximately 6 a.m. this morning telling of the incident and insuring there was not a safety issue at the school.

Kohler said other information concerning the incident will be released later pending approval from Police Chief Russ Hunlock.